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Hello to all the Village Club members out there and welcome to those newer members who have joined us within the last year or so.
Although most of our communications come to you through email, I wanted to get back to reach those of you that may not receive mail electronically. That being said, if you are not on the email list and would like to be, please send your information to

Many changes have taken place at 83 Morton Street over the last couple years. Among those include the addition of a patio and horseshoe pits in the alley to new walkways in the front of the building. Both bathrooms have been installed with new toilets, as well as urinals in the Men’s Room. We had the pleasure of dedicating our renovated Clubroom in the memory of departed member Laurence “Skilky” Eaton. Downstairs now features such things as the lottery and entertainment and a wide selection of libations. But these changes and renovations cannot and will not end here. As our club continues to grow and get older, so does the building and its amenities which all make up the oldest social club in Needham. Future considerations are eventually going to have to be made to upgrade and conform to today’s wants and needs.

Our Club has also begun to get back involved within the community. We played an important role in the organizing and selling of Christmas trees with the Needham Boosters Club. This spring we are improving our relationship with Needham Little League by participating and assisting with their Opening Day Ceremonies. And we hope to develop relationships with other groups and sports teams throughout the town.

As stated above, The Village Club is Needham’s oldest social club. Last Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 was the 99th birthday of our beloved club. This marked the beginning of our 100th year festivities lasting throughout all of 2013 leading up to our 100th Birthday. There will be day trips planned such as one to Foxwoods, weekend getaways (Vegas in September), raffles, events, golf tournaments, etc. taking place each and every month. The Foxwoods trip is on Saturday, April 6th at a cost of $35. Limited number of seats are available and are going fast. Contact Ken Rossi (508) 655-5044 or call The Clubroom for more information. Any proceeds made for this or any of these events will go towards our grand gala to be held on Saturday, February 15th, 2014 @ The Needham Sheraton. Moneys raised will help defer the costs for members to attend this celebration. Included in this Newsletter you will find 3 raffle tickets. Charlie Wright and his committee have put together a raffle that will have drawings on the 20th of each month throughout the whole year. Prizes include Pats tickets, Sox tickets, golf packages, cash prizes, etc. Donations of prizes are always appreciated and will be accepted all year long. Please sell these tickets to family and friends and as you need more, pick them up at the Village Club bar. Winners will be posted on Facebook (Search The Village Club) and The Village Club website at

Also included in this newsletter are a couple of by-law changes and additions that the new Board of Directors, along with a By-Law Committee, have generated regarding Membership, Guests, Dues and future Communications. These changes were presented at the last general meeting and are now being introduced to those of you that were not able to attend. There will be a vote on these new changes at the March 14th general meeting. If you are not able to attend and want a say in these changes, please submit your proxy ballots on or before the date and time posted on the first page.

Thank you to all who have helped or continue to help make this club what it is today. Our forefathers would be proud of where we will stand on our 100th birthday next year.


Stephen Pitocchelli - President



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