village club striper open   Oct 1st is the deadline for entries!

1st Annual Village Club
Stripe Bass Fishing Tourney

Members Class - Leader

Walter Hassenfus (nice job w/ fish and entry!)

42 3/4"

7/10/18 - off P-Town

Walt followed all the rules on this entry!

Steve Rizo Warrens Cove Plymouth  on live Poggies 40"

c.Wright 29.5"

Merrimack River, Sailsbury,Ma June 16th


Non Members Class - Leader

Matt Palmer - 41 1/2 inches Race Point Provincetown Ma. 8/9/18

Doug Wright

40 7/8"

7/20/18 - off Seabrook Beach, NH

Tom Peabody-Wood End Provincetown  33"